Welcome to It's Miller Time! the one and only fansite for The X-Files character Kyd Miller! For me, Miller was the best part of The X-Files season 10, and I was inspired to create a fansite for the character for the exact same reason why seventeen years ago I was inspired to create a fansite for John Doggett... fan reaction from X-Files fans is mostly negative towards Miller, and I want a little place on the 'net where fans of Miller can come and enjoy the character without the unnecessary drama from the general X-Files fans.

29 AUGUST 2017

I really wish that the X-Files fandom was more accepting of new characters, because if they were I'm sure that we'd be seeing this series take off with new blood, and new life with Agents Miller and Einstein, but I don't think the fandom is that open-minded, unfortunately. This is a really good article for XF fans, good food for thought:

The X-Files needs Immersive Tie-ins and above all Good Characters If the X-Files writers give Robbie Amell’s Agent Kyd Miller and Lauren Ambrose’s Agent Liz Einstein inner lives, hopes, fears, goals and dreads, the audience will embrace them, too.  These are all likeable (or hateable) actors.  But their characters must live, breath, and grow — do something meaningful onscreen — to form relationships with the prior cast and with the audience.  One hopes Hershey, Ambrose, and Miller receive the opportunity to inhabit their characters and portray their inner lives.  Erika Pryce, Liz Einstein, and Kyd Miller should form relationships with other characters and the audience.  Erica, Liz and Kyd should breathe new life into The X-Files. (read more)


28 AUGUST 2017

I made a new desktop wallpaper (1680x1050) of Agent Miller! Enjoy!

15 AUGUST 2017

TVLine confirms that Robbie Amell is back as Agent Miller in "The X-Files" season 11!

TVLine has learned exclusively that Robbie Amell (The Flash) and Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) have signed on to reprise their roles as Agents Miller and Einstein in the series’ latest revival (set to bow on Fox in early 2018). It remains unclear how many of Season 11’s 10 episodes they will appear in. [ READ MORE ]

I've added Blu-ray screen captures of Miller from 10x05 "Babylon" and 10x06 "My Struggle 2," as well as included all the episode stills that I have from season 10 of The X-Files. I think I may have a few more Behind The Scenes photos of Robbie, but I need to hunt them down (y'all should see the mess on my XF external drive!). I hope you enjoy the photos, and rest assured that I will do my best to add any BTS photos of Robbie from season 11 filming, and of course screen captures once episodes start airing.

You can check out all that I have on the gallery here.




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