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Spotnitz's Psychoanalysis of Doggett

Long Live The Doggship

:::clears throat:::  Let me start by saying I'm a romantic.  Funny, considering I fell in love with an married a thoroughly unromantic guy.  I've watched TXF since the beginning, drawn to it by the whole paranormal storyline.  I kept watching primarily because of the evolving relationship between Mulder and Scully.  I admit it, I became a shipper.  :::Moose rises, "Hi, my name is Moose, and I'm a former shipper":::  Like many shippers, I analyzed every touch, every look, every word between Mulder and Scully.  I forgave Mulder for all of his ditching of Scully, his treatment of her ("...taking your little notes..."), all of it.  He's protecting her, I said.  He loves her, I said.  I read all the MSR (particularly the smut... what can I say, I'm a dirty girl ;->) I could find.

Then came FTF and man, I was I psyched.  I went to see it the first day it came out, to an early afternoon showing, by myself because I couldn't convince anyone to ditch work and come with me.  I waited with baited breath for the hallway scene, goofy with happiness during the whole "you kept me honest" speech, and let out a loud "Oh, MAN!" (which caused two old ladies who were there, why is beyond me, to turn around and glare at me) when the kiss was thwarted by that bee.  Damn bee...  But I left the theater that day girlishly giddy, anticipating a fabulous S6 that fall...

Which I never got.  It fell flat from the get-go.  Now I am really terrible at episode names - all those who remember them amaze me, and I'm too lazy to go look them up at the OS - but from the very first episode we got asshole Mulder.  Treating Scully like *dirt*.  What happened to that hallway speech???  I came to see Mulder's treatment of Scully not as protective, but disrespectful at best, and sometimes borderline abusive.  Slowly, I began to abandon the MSR ship.  I wanted to believe, but couldn't anymore.  It took effort on my part to watch S7.  It seemed to me that DD was phoning in his performance, and if he couldn't be bothered, why should I? 

But when TPTB announced they were "replacing" Mulder with a new agent, I slipped back into my old shipper habits.  I was prepared to hate the new guy, site unseen.  Robert Patrick?  Who the hell was he?  Oh, the bad terminator, the liquid metal guy.  Oh, please?  Have you ever seen his ears?  Him, replace Duchovney?  I sat down to watch the premiere of S8 full of resentment...

So much for that!  I was intrigued by Doggett in "Within/Without".  He could work out, I thought.  He's a good guy, got some integrity, ain't gonna take sh*t from anyone.  And, man, did you check out his ass?  <g>  By "Patience" I had willingly accepted him.  Hell, I liked him, and was beginning to sense a *something* between Doggett and Scully.  And then there was "Roadrunners".  What else can I say, I was in love.  Mulder could stay missing, as far as I was concerned.  There was an electricity between Doggett and Scully, a smoldering chemistry that was *never* there between Mulder and Scully.  The way Doggett held Scully when he carried her off the bus had turned me into a big pile of goo.

I began to consider all the ways in which Doggett was so much better for Scully than Mulder.  He was a man, whereas Mulder would always be a little boy.  Doggett had been through as much of a tragedy, if not more than Mulder, in the death of his child Vs the disappearance of Samantha, and fought his way back to a kind of peace.  He didn't allow Luke's murder to control his life, which showed me he had his head screwed on right.  He was stable, dammit.  And Scully needed (needs) stability.  Hell, she was pregnant (and I *never* gave serious credence to the theory that Willie is Mulder's kid.  Still don't) and needed stability.  Not someone who would forever search in vain for the "truth".  And most of all, Doggett was falling for Scully.  It was so obvious.  How could I deny such a man what he wanted?

So I searched for Doggett fic online.  I initially found what I think was called "The Doggett House", or maybe it was "The Dog House", where fic both pro and anti Doggett was posted.  I ignored the antiDoggett and focused on the proDoggett, and that led me eventually to SHODDS.  I believe wholeheartedly in the DSR.  Mulder's appearance in S8 & 9 only strengthened my belief in this ship by showing me he has not changed, and will never change.  And don't get me started on why I don't follow the DRR... Two words... no chemistry.  I stay here because of the support of the folks here have for DSR, and the general lack of bitchiness/catfights (we are mostly women, Tony ScullyStud and fellow brotherlurkers notwithstanding).  I posted my first ever DS fic here (which can be found over at XFMU... shameless plug) because I felt supported.  Yes, I know it's over, and TPTB ended it with Mulder and Scully together...  I say the hell with that, let's change the ending.  Let's bring back the real Scully, not this 'Dearest Dana' imposter we've been handed.  Let's forget this DRR crap they've been trying to get us to swallow.  We know what Doggett wants, we've seen it.  I say the truth is here.  Long live the Doggship.

:::Moose bows to polite applause:::  Thank you...

4 June 2002

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