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Spotnitz's Psychoanalysis of Doggett

Keep The Flame Alive

Well, as my Sisters here may remember from my introductory e-mails here when i joined, i came into the show largely through the presence of John Doggett so i firstly have that to thank the character (and RP) for. Basically i had not really watched much of the
show previously being the kind of person to stay away from shows i considered vastly over-hyped (and boy, was The X Files hiped back then!) The couple of episodes i had attempted to watch were probably the poorer examples of MSR so id come away thinking all this chemistry between Mulder and Scully was a crock anyway.

But having heard Mr Patrick was due to appear as a new character in the show (and having admired his work as an actor in the few movies i'd previously seen him in) i decided to tune in and was promptly blown away by Within/Without. This X Files show wasn't bad at all, Gillian Anderson was a beautiful and excellent actress i'd never seen in such an adoring light before and i could just feel the fire between her and Robert Patrick on that screen, there was an unmistakable tension there that gripped me immediately and made me
realise these are two actors and characters i could sure spend a lot of time watching in the future. And i instantly felt there could be a real chance of a relationship between them: that cry of "An agent needs help!!" really sold it and the hospital get well card/protective scene just reinforced it- i just knew these two were gonna be good together- that was it. Who was Mulder???

Well, i then dove back over a long and most of the time entertaining six months catching up on what had gone before (and that was a lot to catch up on believe me). I realised Mulder hadn't always been an obsessive asshole who sniped at Scully but there was an
intensely likable character there at first- i could see why there once was hope and electricity (of a different kind than between D and S i hasten to add- it was passionate but not true fire!) I could understand why shippers had sprung up- but then from Season six onwards i sensed the dynamics changed a bit- maybe they had left that particular consummation too long- maybe it should have been followed through on in the movie when the real edge had been there in that hallway scene?

Things became more hit and miss in that relationship- i began to see why Doggett was much more a suitable partner for Scully than Mulder was. There was more maturity there, more of an openess to reach out, to help, to protect. To put it bluntly, Doggett was more
normal (but still unique, intense and extremely likable).....Mulder had become a little too flippant, a little too obsessive, a little too out there. I realised even if i had joined the show from the very beginning, even if i had embraced shipperdom, i would still have changed my mind when Doggett arrived. I think a lot of the points mentioned previously on this thread i agree with as why Doggett is so much better for Scully.

And i do think Season 9 reinforces it- im probably going to go against the grain and say i still liked Scully in this season- alright she's not as strong or kick-ass as she was, more vulnerable and emotional than ever before- but she is a mother stuck in the middle of a nightmare trying to have a normal life- and her irrationality and tendency to shut her friends out through a lot of the season cries to me of a character having what is close to a nervous breakdown- i think this explains her giving away of William when there's no way in god's earth the Scully of previous seasons would have- she needs a strong man like Doggett to take her in hand, to show her how she is losing control of her life and give her the emotional rock she needs which i still believe Mulder is now too self-obsessed and withdrawn to really give her and to bring out the true fire of that strong-willed lady Doggett first met and fell in love with.

That's why for me Daemonicus is one of the best episodes of Season 9- through Kobal, we discover the real reason Doggett has stayed on The X Files when he believes so little of it. As well as wanting to solve answers pertaining to the death of Luke, he has stayed
to fight for Scully's heart, her approval, her unconditional love, and even though he knows her heart is tied to Mulder, he's not willing to give that dream up. Even when she shuts him out, when he knows how much Reyes loves him and seeks a relationship with him, to use an earlier quote written on this group (from Gina i believe) "He can't give up the redhead!"

That chemistry is still there between Doggett and Scully- i know its been watered down considerably by a writing team that's mostly determined to preserve the MSR myth (with the exceptions of Steven Medea, Vince Gilligan and Frank Spotnitz- all mostly responsible
for most of my fave Season 9 episodes by the way). But the spark is still there- i believe there is a part of Scully that desperately loves Doggett but she's reining it in, allowing her distress and confusion to allow her to still try and feel something for a man who in my opinion clearly doesn't give a rat's ass for her anymore (namely Mulder). When Doggett and Scully talk together its passionate, direct proper conversation, when Scully and Mulder now chat its long-winded poor poetry disguised as a conversation- which is more real, which has more foundation, huh?

My case is, and still will be, for Scully and Doggett. They come alive together, even in Season 9 when certain writers are trying to push them apart, they belong together. As lovers, they would make a perfect unbreakable whole- their pain alone should make them
compatible- i've never seen two characters sacrifice more and suffer more and need each other more. It should bloody well happen!!

DRR- i don't want it to happen. I think its akin to watching a brother and sister trying to have incest. Yes, Monica Reyes is a great character (Annabeth Gish adds a hell of a lot to the show) but no way do i see her and Doggett as lovers. Close, dear friends yes.
And that's the way they should stay- brother and sister- always there for each other but never intimate (at least not in the sexual sense.) Audrey Pauley was a moving and nice character episode but it felt wrong Reyes wanting Doggett to kiss her, and i think Doggett's reaction proved that. Reyes means a lot to him but his heart truly doesn't belong there romantically, it belongs with Dana Katherine Scully. Enough said!

Actually, i found Season 9 a lot stronger and more entertaining than i imagined i would- and it made me madder than hell RP and AG didn't get at least another season to shine in! And the finale was a damp and unforgivable squib for those two characters. Mulder
seemed so boring and lifeless in it- a pale shadow of his original self and it just showed up the differences between him and Doggett even more closely. Fair enough, Scully and Mulder ended up in bed together at the end of it all but we saw no proper consummation. Did anybody else feel that for all the happy talk from GA about working together with DD, there was little chemistry between them in that ep? I sure felt so. There was a definite distance there and almost an artificial quality to the emotion on hand and i still think there was much more chemistry between "vulnerable, crying Scully" and JD than DS and FM, oh, yessir!

I think Mulder and Scully together is a doomed relationship now- she'd be forever trailing behind a man who has become just too moody, too serious- he didn't even say "I love you" for chrissakes! I couldn't imagine this Mulder ever saying that! If Doggett ever said it, (and he would im sure if he felt Scully could accept hearing it) he'd mean every damn word!

Anyway, that's my take on it all (probably seems like a giant ramble, actually- i sure hope it aint). But im reassured by being here on SHODDS knowing im not the only person who flies a flag for Dana and John- i guess that's where the fun lies......reading the fic of things we'd love to see happen on screen, filling in those probable gaps with our (sometimes lurid) imaginations. Just adding goofy captions to pictures- it's all great! I guess 192 people can't be wrong!! (even if a lot of em don't talk here, especially the lurking males!!)

Im working on a post-finale fic right now actually in which Scully's finally gonna realise Doggett should be the man in her life- its gonna be a long tough road but she is gonna see the light!!! And that's the beauty of DSR fic- i think there's so many other roads it can be taken down! (and im off to read more of what's been posted here recently too- i can be slow catching up sometimes- forgive me!)

Im looking forward to reading more about my Sisters' DSR thoughts. Ive been very sad watching the final season of The X Files knowing its no longer around and this is a great place to keep the flame alive so let's not let it snuff out, ok?

Let's keep Dana and John together- even if its only on our PC's. Its the thing to do. 'Nuff Said.

Tony Scullystud

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