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Spotnitz's Psychoanalysis of Doggett

everyone's dirty little secret
T h r e a d s

"... but being a Dipper is not a lie. It is based on subtly and expression. Just as Shippers once were."

I must confess, with all honesty and hope of growth, but I may in fact be a "Dipper" (well, a sympathizer at least). Maybe I'm not- I am person who's open to different ideas. Still, It's not necessarily something I'm proud of, but it's something I've learnt to adapt to. How I became one, well, I'm not too sure. The grisly conclusion hit me one day, and now I've learnt to cope. In all reality, I shouldn't be ashamed of this fact- but there is one nagging fact that keeps me from embracing this, that lets me be ashamed of it. You see, I've broken a universal law of fan-fiction… or have I?

What is fan-fiction, really? In all literal senses, it's fiction written by the fans, for the fans. I bet you just never knew that there were "laws" to it. Well, there really aren't, but only an unconscious honor system I assume most live by. It's so ingrained into our thought process when writing fan-fiction that most of us don't really think about it. It's called writing out of character (or context.) That is the fear that I have in coming out of the closet with my being semi-Dipper. Have I broken that golden rule?

Before I go on, I must make an offering to explore the whole "writing out of context" phenomenon in fan-fiction to an article a friend of mine wrote after she had a nasty spat with one person who committed such blasphemy (Note: This is written in regards to an anime series, not The X-Files. It still drives the point home regardless.)

The issue with being a Dipper is in the fact that there is scant romantic evidence between Doggett and Scully in The X-Files. Aside from mild flirting, a hug and a handful of worried glances that could mean anything, there is nothing. It is an utterly prefabricated situation brought on by viewer desire.

But before the Shippers reading this article start singing and calling out "testify" to me as if I were citing the Gospel, I must remind you that we are in fact in the same boat here.

Yes, Shippers have broken that golden rule too.

True, now there is context that validates the stand that Shippers take, but I'm referring to the beginning of this obsession. It all started when Scully ran into Mulder's hotel room, wearing a robe she soon stripped, and revealed in her undergarments, mysterious "bumps" on her skin. She was overreacting mosquito bites brought on by the mass-hysteria of the first case they were working one. For some reason though, everyone read that as a "come on".

And so Shippers were born. (Well, they originally dubbed themselves Relationshippers, but I'm not the only one who found that way too long to type out.)
The point I'm trying to make is that both Shippers and Dippers started off on the same foot. They both saw something out of nothing. They saw two attractive characters of opposite sex in extreme circumstance, who of which, also have excellent on-screen chemistry.

Returning back to my original point again, of writing fiction out of context, we should look at the evidence to decide. We have Scully- a hard pressed, scientific, no-nonsense individual. Though not necessarily cold and closed off, she does repress some of her emotion. Then there is Mulder- sensitive, open-minded, emotional and dabbles in porn from now and then. Lastly there is Doggett- who is much the same as Scully- a straight shooter, the stereotypical G-Man, and just as emotionally closed off. It takes someone open and emotionally aware to really initiate a romantic situation. People like Doggett and Scully, though not necessarily exempt from any kind of romantic relations with other people, are generally not the type to wear their heart on their sleeve for fear of rejection and because of their pride. That is why Mulder and Scully would work (Or hey, even Mulder and Doggett!) Mulder is open and can get Scully to open up too.

But as I said- just because Scully and Doggett are not the type to wear their heart on their sleeve still does not exempt them from romantic feelings for one another. Looking at the type of people that they are, I do not doubt at some point that one did send the other a lingering glance. Of course, it was never acted on.

In my humble and honest opinion, if I think there is anyone who is attracted to the other, it is likely Doggett for Scully, not vice versa. Not only is it a perfect set-up, it makes sense. He is a divorced (I assume) father who has his son killed in satanic ritual. His once content life had been turned to shambles. Now he is put in the partnership of an attractive, single and pregnant agent. How could that idea not cross his mind? And I don't mean this from the consciously decided "I've thought and planned this through and it's the best way to satisfy my self-centered ways". I mean this from the lowest, most needy, love-starved point in his subconscious. He doesn't look at this opportunity like buying stock options; it is the opportunity we all look for. The chance to love and be loved, and have a family- and this feeling is doubly poignant because he has already lost one.

As I look at the facts now. Being both a Dipper and a Shipper is at best, on the line. They are not with context, nor without. It is sometimes the idea that moves an author- the very potential that drives them. Being a Shipper is more accepted because it has seven years on the rival. If these two aspects were introduced at the same time, I can assure you they would be on equal ground. Shippers I'm sure do now rejoice in their newfound freedom of "I told you so", but being a Dipper is not a lie. It is based on subtly and expression. Just as Shippers once were.

In writing this essay, I am not trying to insult the opposition. I respect you, and hope that one day I will receive yours. One must always remember that it is not which couple you cheer for that makes the fans, it's the love of the show that does. And I do love The X-Files.

(And, well, let's face it. I wrote this to make myself feel better.)

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