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Spotnitz's Psychoanalysis of Doggett

Comparing & Contrasting

The only thing that makes the Doggett/Reyes and Mulder/Scully relationship similar to the Doggett/Scully relationship is that by the time Fox Mulder made an exit, John Doggett made his impression, and Dana Scully had already seen enough alien 'mumbo jumbo' to NOT take on some of Mulder's opinions and characteristics.

No kidding.

At a time where Scully either had to ignore the fact Mulder was sitting somewhere 'out there' being probed or take it in as a fact, Doggett was the straight man with the straight nature. He was the un-medical version of what Scully used to be when she first walked into The X-Files office. He did not want to believe because he just could not believe and because Mulder had had enough time to show her wonders beyond her belief, she was the one with the open-mind now.

Of course there is more to it.

With this in your face (or not-so-in-your-face depending on what type of fan you are) revelation, we saw a different side to the norm. Instead of Scully, the woman, trying to enforce sense into Doggett, the man, we saw the opposite. Even if it had only been one time, it had been enough. Doggett cared and because The X-Files wanted to SHOVE the Mulder/Scully Romance down everybody's throat, I am not sure I ever saw Scully care for Doggett as much as he cared for her. It all seemed as if Doggett not only cared about Scully, but he cared about Mulder because Scully cared about Mulder. Being put on The X-Files is one thing, but coming in during a time where there are such severe issues with those that are on the inside rather than those that are on the outside? The X-Files had become much more personal than just Mulder and his crusade and now he was there to take it on? If you don't 'care' then you wouldn't be there. It goes way beyond Doggett just doing what he was ordered to do as a Federal Agent—what he did for Scully had gone way beyond that and at a time where her life and the problems that surrounded her were more difficult than they ever had been. Despite the issues surrounding William (some love him, some hate him), he was 'there' and Mulder wasn't. Even if all fingers point towards Scully—saying she persuaded Mulder to leave after Kersh told him they would kill him, Mulder should have stayed. All he did was run—leave Scully and leave whatever William can be seen as behind so that others could help with their protection. Mulder acted selfishly and cowardly.

The Doggett/Scully relationship is more realistic because sooner or later the both of them would have grown tired of all the drama. The X-Files would have never swallowed their senses and turned them into paranormal muttering robots. Each of their strengths would have seen themselves through and when that wouldn't be enough, whatever strengths they had left would be there to help each other. Doggett would have never found himself in such a selfish position whether he stayed as he was destined to be or he woke up one morning and fell into a complete fascination over alien life thriving all over the planet and elsewhere—he would never just disappear and leave people behind with his problems and their thoughts as to what to do next. The Doggett/Scully relationship is not only more realistic, but it is more mature and it is more understanding; it's more of a rock.

15 June 2011

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