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Spotnitz's Psychoanalysis of Doggett

On this page you will find screen captures of moments during season 8 and season 9 in which Scully is gazing at Doggett's lips, or vice versa. All this points to a certain physical attraction between the two characters, and perhaps a longing to kiss the person whose lips are being gazed at.

Lip Gazing

8x01 "Within"

8x02 "Without"

8x04 "Patience"

8x05 "Roadrunners"


8x06 "Invocation"

8x03 "Redrum"


8x07 "Via Negativa"


8x09 "Surekill"

8x10 "Salvage"

8x12 "Badlaa"

8x11 "The Gift"


8x13 "Medusa"

8x08 "Per Manum"


8x14 "This Is Not Happening"

8x15 "DeadAlive"

8x18 "Three Words"

8x17 "Empedocles"


8x16 "Vienen"


8x19 "Alone"

8x20 "Essence"


8x21 "Existence"


9x01 "Nothing Important Happened Today"

9x02 "Nothing Important Happened Today II"

9x03 "Dæmonicus"

9x05 "4-D"

9x06 "Lord of the Flies"

9x08 "Trust No 1"

9x07 "John Doe"

9x04 "Hellbound"

9x10 "Provenance"

9x11 "Providence"

9x13 "Audrey Pauley"

9x09 "Underneath"

9x14 "Improbable"

9x12 "Scary Monsters"

9x15 "Jump The Shark"

9x17 "William"

9x16 "Release"

9x18 "Sunshine Days"

9x19/9x20 "The Truth"

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