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IDW Season 10 Comics
Not Canon With TXF Series

17 July 2013
"The X-Files" Season 10, Issue #2
"Believers" (2 of 5)

IDW Preview

Dana Scully has survived abduction, cancer, motherhood by mysterious means, and surrendering her 'miracle' baby. But she's never encountered anything like these 'Acolytes' before, or the mysterious 'Deacon' who's saved her from them. Plus, Mulder follows a lead to Arlington National Cemetery and the final resting place of the 'Lone Gunmen.'

Sometime between 2002 and 2008, John Doggett was reassigned to the FBI's counter-terrorism division, and that is likely where he has been since as in June 2013 (in the IDW X-Files Season 10 comic books) we see John Doggett at the Blackstone XL Pipeline work site in Crook County, Wyoming. He is there with the FBI investigating a potential threat to the pipeline (the FBI received an anonymous tip about the possibility of domestic terrorism at the location).

A Foreman transforms into an Acolyte and comes up behind Doggett and chokes him, bending him over the edge of sparkling, magnetic materials hidden inside the pipeline. We cut away from this scene and see the pipeline explode ("Believers" part 2).

12 November 2014
"The X-Files" Season 10, Issue #18
"Monica & John" (1 of 1)

IDW Preview

When we last saw them, Special Agents John Doggett and Monica Reyes seemingly met their final fates at the hands of the alien faction known as the Acolytes. Now in this one-off story, we'll reveal what actually became of them and what is in store for them next.

In "The X-Files" Season 10, Issue #18 "John & Monica" we learn that John Doggett has been held captive in the basement of a residential home close to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for a year and a half (more specifically, as per John Doggett, "eighteen months, two weeks, and three days." Since John's abduction from the Blackstone XL Pipeline work site, in June 2013, law enforcement has been actively searching for him as evidenced by a missing persons bulletin posted at the Sioux Falls post office (which lists Doggett's age as 54). The Acolyte (shape-shifter) that abducted Doggett from Wyoming assumed his identity to pick up a parcel at this post office. If the Acolyte had not done this the postal clerk would not have called in to report he had seen a man fitting Doggett's description at 9:15 A.M. that day, and the FBI would not have been able to track down the address where Doggett and Reyes were being held captive.

The Acolyte visits John in the basement after returning from the post office, and leaves the door open for him to escape. John finds his and Reyes' FBI badges hanging on the wall of the house he has been trapped in, and he sets out to see if she is there as well. When he finds her he addresses her as "Agent", indicating that their relationship is still strictly professional, and Monica attacks him (believing him to be the Acolyte), she stops when she realizes that it is Doggett.

Deputy Director Walter Skinner informs Dana Scully that John Doggett (and Monica Reyes) have been found, and they head out to South Dakota, meeting up with emergency support services with a federal warrant to search the premises. As this is going on outside the house, inside John tells Monica to go outside and wait for him. He goes upstairs to face his captor, who thinks John is there to kill him, but in true John Doggett fashion, he isn't there to kill the Acolyte, he is there to place the man under arrest for his and Agent Reyes' abduction and unlawful captivity. John asks the man why he was held for so long, and wants a statement explaining why the Acolyte let he and Reyes go, in which the Acolyte responds "You don't see it yet, do you? All this time out here, together, and you still don't-" and he is interrupted when Agent Reyes stabbs a stiletto into his neck thus killing him, leaving more questions than answers after a year and a half of captivity. When John asks Monica why she killed him, ever the optimist (note: sarcasm) Monica tells him "They forgot about us, John. They forgot about all of us."

Monica leaves the room and comes face-to-face with Dana Scully, her gun drawn. Scully immediately goes to Monica's side to help her leave the house to be seen by the paramedics waiting outside, and immediately upon seeing John Doggett, Scully leaves Monica's side and proceeds to give John a very passionate hug (seriously, if you look at the frame it looks like she glomps him!). She keeps her hand on his shoulder as she pulls away, looking up at him, asking if he is all right. John assures her that everything is fine. He goes on to tell her that he will file a report and testify before any review board that asks. This is the last we see of John Doggett in the IDW X-Files Season 10 comics.

IDW announced that X-Files Season 11 will "premiere" in August 2015. If John Doggett is included, I will continue to add new information on this page. Stay tuned!

17 December 2014
"The X-Files" Xmas Special (1 of 1)

The holidays have brought together all the X-Files agents for the very first time! Walter Skinner hosts a get-together for his most special agents, but the festive night turns tense when someone-or something-comes down the chimney! In a second story, the X-Files team of the 1940s-Bing Ellington and Millie Ohio from the Year Zero miniseries-investigate a potential Communist saboteur, but discover an impossible creature-a gremlin!

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