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The X-Files Season 9
Blu-ray Screen Captures (1920x1080px)



Nothing Important Happened Today I Nothing Important Happened Today II Dæmonicus 4-D Lord of the Flies Trust No 1
John Doe Hellbound Provenance Providence Audrey Pauley Underneath
Improbable Scary Monsters Jump The Shark William Release  
Sunshine Days The Truth        

The X-Files Season 9
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The X-Files Season 9
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The X-Files Season 9
Episodic Stills

9x01 "Nothing Important Happened Today"

9x02 "Nothing Important Happened Today II"

9x03 "Dæmonicus"

9x04 "Hellbound"

9x05 "4-D"

9x06 "Lord of the Flies"

9x07 "John Doe"

9x08 "Trust No 1"

9x09 "Underneath"

9x10 "Provenance"

9x11 "Providence"

9x12 "Scary Monsters"

9x13 "Audrey Pauley"

9x14 "Improbable"

9x15 "Jump The Shark"

9x16 "Release"

9x17 "William"

9x18 "Sunshine Days"

9x19/9x20 "The Truth"

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