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G Rated stories are intended for General Audiences, with all ages admitted. 
Stories that don’t include – sex and nudity, substance abuse, or realistic/non-cartoon violence.

total = 40

"All Things Bright and Beautiful" by Jassyk
G - Doggett/Scully - Agents Doggett and Scully investigate Area 51 despite warnings from men in black...

"L'Amour Existe Encore" by Dana Doggett
G - Doggett/Scully - Scully's favorite Celine Dion song is revealed to Doggett.

"Because You Loved Me" by Raeann Baker
G - Angst - Song Fic. Scully's thoughts as Doggett is in hospital, injured. With the lyrics from Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me".

"Christmas Wishes" by Jassyk
G - Scully and Doggett's relationship is tested when an old flame of Scully's reappears, leaving Doggett feeling worried about where Scully's loyalties lie...

"Comfort" by Dana Doggett
G - Doggett/Scully implied, angst - Doggett comforts Scully the night she gave William over to the adoption agency to be taken to
his new family.

"Las Cosas Cambian" escrito por Sculllyga
G - Doggett/Scully - Sentimientos de Doggett hacia Scully.

"Daddy" by Grey Woman
G - Scully's life with her child and husband.

"Dans la tête de Georgia" by Lara Doggy
G - DSF, MSR implied - Doggett prend à sa charge la surveillance d'une femme douée de voyance, Georgia, qui est menacée de mort par un malfrat. Scully, sur le point d'accoucher, se fait du soucis pour eux d'autant qu'elle connait Georgia pour avoir déjà enquêté sur elle. Un lien se tisse entre Doggett et Georgia. Cette dernière forcera Doggett à s'interroger sur la disparition de son fils.

"Daybreak" by Kathleen A. Klatte
G - DSF - vignette, angst - Tag scene to "Via Negativa"

"Decision" Autor - Bugs

"Doing Something Different" by Jacquie Sabatier
G - Doggett/Scully relationship - Scully challenges Doggett to try something that he's never done before.

"Downright Infuriating" by xfirefly9x
G - Quick to judge. That was one of many qualities that Scully had noticed about Agent John Doggett.

"FBI Cafeteria" by Little Albatross
G - Do I really have one? Well... sure... Umm... Scully and Doggett are afraid to eat together at lunch for fear that everyone in the FBI will know that they are involved... =)

"First To Know" by Dana Doggett
G - Doggett/Scully, Reyes POV - Monica is the first to know on Valentine's Day.

"For My SHODDSisters" by AynNoromo
G -Doggett/Scully - Reaction to a recent thread on SHODDS, close encounters of the Doggett/Scully kind.

"The Geometry Series 1: Two Triangles Crossing" by Csenya
G - Mulder/Krycek, Doggett/Scully implied - He must have missed the memo.

"Hide and Seek" - AynNoromo

"Hide and Seek" by TheresNoTime

"Hold On" by Budgiebird
G - Scully hears a song on the radio that causes her to think.

"In Any Capacity" by SM0KEYJ0E
G - Doggett/Scully - Intended as a oneshot involving Scully and Doggett not meant to be romance exactly... you can sort of decide that for yourself, I guess...

"In His Honor" by jamma

"John Doggett" Autor - Steffi
G - Doggett versucht mit agent Scully Frieden zu schließen und lernt dabei die Frau Dana Scully kennen und ihr Schicksal.

"Kissing Monica" by Michelle Neish
G - So why didn’t John kiss Monica

"Let Me Hear You Say The Words" by Beautiful Cynic
G - DSR - Sometimes, all you have to do is ask.

"Letting Go" by L.M. Shard
G - DSR - An alternate ending and a post-ep to "Release".

"Lone Wolf" by Ewa
G - DSF - Leaving a friend.

"The Lost and Found" by TheresNoTime
G - Takes place at the end of “Patience” after the ManBatThing knocks Doggett and Scully down, and then Doggett passes out.

"On My Mind" by Dana Doggett
G - Scully's thoughts after Doggett leaves her hospital room at the end of "Without". Response to the 2005 Awareness Month "Within/Without" ficlet challenge.

"The Only Lie Worth Telling" by Dana Doggett
G - Doggett/Scully, Mulder/Scully - The only lie worth telling.

"Pitching and Heaving" by TheresNoTime
G - Time is after "Vienen." This is a story about the connection between Doggett and Scully, and how they first begin to realize it exists.

"Poison Ivy" by Little Albatross
G - While taking a break from the chaos of the FBI... Doggett and Scully encounter poison ivy...

"Raining Sunshine" by L.M. Shard
G - DSR - "I cry for what I've lost, for what I've missed, for what I won't let myself see."

"Reality" by Clare

"Revelations" by Outlaw
G - DSR - Months after Mulder's burial, Scully learns to love again

"Road Not Taken" by Agent X
G - Doggett POV, "Without" post-ep - Doggett reflects on the path he has chosen

"Standing Apart" by Agent X
G - Doggett Angst - Doggett wonders why Scully won't talk to him

"Take My Breath Away" by Little Albatross
G - Scully receives some flowers from Doggett...

"Thaw" by Horatio
G - Scully copes with loss and a new partner.

"Three Times" by Mischa
G - After the events of 'Medusa', Scully considers the small steps that her working relationship with Doggett has taken.

"Wanting To Believe" by scullybabe626

"The Woman I Can Never Have" by SurferChick
G - Doggett POV, Doggett/Scully - Doggett's feelings for Scully.

"X-Files: Patience 2" by Jassyk
G - Doggett/Scully - Agents Scully and Doggett receive some bad news before an old enemy returns…

"You Are The Light of My Life" by Little Albatross
G - DSR - Scully misses Doggett... he has a suprise waiting for her...

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