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"The Echoes of Their Youth" by dream1n9big
Unrated - Response to SHODDS "Invocation" Fanfic Challenge - Scully's curiosity gets the best of her when a psychic makes an odd comment to Doggett.

"El Rehén" (frvs) by Little Albatross
R - A nice vacation from the cold winter in D.C. leaves Doggett, Scully and Monica in a chase to Mexico.

"Empty" by Agent X
PG13 - This Is Not Happening post-ep. In the wake of Mulder's death, both Scully and Doggett confront the losses in their lives.

"The End of a Love Affair" by Kabochon
R - After Mulder's return, Scully's eyes are opened. DSR, Mulder-friendly.

"End The Struggle" by agent myers
R - I look up at the clock. Three minutes apart. Jesus, I'm in labor. All this time, and labor seemed like something that would never happen, but Jesus, Mary and Joseph, it has.

"Endings and Beginnings 1" by Cinnamon Scully
"Endings and Beginnings 2" by Cinnamon Scully
"Endings and Beginnings 3" by Cinnamon Scully
"Endings and Beginnings 4" by Cinnamon Scully
"Endings and Beginnings 5" by Cinnamon Scully
"Endings and Beginnings 6" by Cinnamon Scully
"Endings and Beginnings 7" by Cinnamon Scully
"Endings and Beginnings 8" by Cinnamon Scully
"Endings and Beginnings 9" by Cinnamon Scully
"Endings and Beginnings 10" by Cinnamon Scully
NC17 - SRH, DSR, Angst, Humor - Mulder abandons Scully in fear of his mental state. Doggett helps Scully cope with Mulder's departure and his little brother takes them on an adventure.

"The English Guys" by RPcrazy
NC17 - Scully has a foolproof plan to get Doggett to take notice and to give her the sexual attention she needs. From a WIP called "Viva Lust Vegas".

"Enjoy The Silence" by T h r e a d s
PG - A SHODDS challenge- Doggett and Scully's first kiss.

"Enough Is Enough" by Dana Doggett (dustjacket)
R - Doggett/Scully, DSR, sex - Mulder, Scully and Doggett go camping at Lake Okobogee. A few days later the relationship between John and Dana will never be the same again.

"Enough To Get Us There" by Jenna Tooms
Pre-XF Doggett/Scully - Doggettization of "all things."

"Esperarle" by Agent X
PG13 - Pre-XF, Luke Doggett POV - I cried for you that night Daddy… were you crying for me too?

"Esto Perpetua" by Karen
PG - Doggett/Scully Friendship, Mulder/Scully

"European Voyage 1: Family Importance" (frvs) by Little Albatross & Dana Doggett
"European Voyage 2: La Vie En Rose" (frvs) by Dana Doggett & Little Albatross
"European Voyage 3: Rising Tensions" (frvs) by Dana Doggett & Little Albatross
"European Voyage 4: A Journey's End" (frvs) by Little Albatross & Dana Doggett
PG13 - The gang goes to England for Brad and Marita's wedding, but they wind up traveling all over Europe together and things don't always go according to plan.

"Even Rocks Can Crumble" by Agent X
PG - Doggett, Scully, Luke Doggett - Scully and Doggett talk. Sequel to The Stone, also on this archive

"Everything But The Girl" by Anne Hedonia
NC17 - Scully and Doggett want the same thing for Christmas.

"Everything Happens For A Reason" by Kay49x

"Everything Will Be Wonderful Someday" by Budgiebird
PG13 - Post ep for This is Not Happening.

"Explosion" by Katherine Scully
PG - This is the author’s response to TWO challenges posted to the SHODDS list: the "Scully wakes up in hospital not knowing if Doggett is dead or alive and has only just realized her feelings for him" challenge and the First Kiss challenge.

"Eye of the Beholder" by Horatio
PG - implied MSR - Doggett studies his new partner.

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