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"Comfort During Wartime"

Dana Doggett
"Aphrodisia" (dustjacket)
"L'Amour Existe Encore"
"Baths, Attraction and Let's Go Home"
"Caught: Background Noise"
"Caught: When The Time Feels Right"
"Dana's Sugar Daddy"
"The Darkness of Night"
"Enough Is Enough" (dustjacket)
"Falling Beautifully Out of Place"
"Finding Proof"
"First Night In A Lifetime"
"First To Know"
"Headache Relief"
"Italian or Chinese?"
"Just Like Billy"
"Meant To Be"
"Not Even Underneath A Mistletoe"
"On My Mind"
"One Last Night"
"The Only Lie Worth Telling"
"An Outsider Watching"
"The Residue of Her Betrayal"
"So Much For Waking Up Tomorrow"
"What The Heart Wants"

David Hearne
"Snowball In Hell"

Diabolic Diana Fowley
"Regina di Tenebra"

Diandra Hollman
"A Sense of..." Series: "A Sense of Security"
"A Sense of..." Series: "Reassurances"
"A Sense of..." Series: "A Sense of Dignity"
"A Sense of..." Series: "Frailty"
"A Sense of..." Series: "A Sense of Fear"
"A Sense of..." Series: "Revealed"
"A Sense of..." Series: "A Sense of Justice"
"A Sense of..." Series: "Grief"
"Surrendering to Temptation 1/2"
"Surrendering to Temptation 2/2"
"Surrendering to Temptation II"
"There's A Little Witch In Every Woman"

"For The Love of a Woman"

Doggett's Bitch
"Merry Christmas"

"After William"
"One Lost Night"
"Pretty Damn Special"
"Two Wrongs"

Donna Hartnett

Dorothée E. Fritsch
"Let Me Enter The Door To Your Soul"

"The Echoes of Their Youth"
"Unrequited Love"

Drusilla Bell
"Groping 1"

"Paradise Sestina"
"Twelve Inches"

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