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Welcome to the Semper Fi Artwork Challenge Archive! At top you will find the current artwork challenge going on at Semper Fi (and its responses). I will keep all challenges archived here since once a challenge is "completed" I will still take your submissions.

2017 August: "Medusa" Poster



Create a poster for "The X-Files" season 8 episode 8x13 "Medusa."

- 600x911 pixels
(AKA: 8x12 inches, or 21x32 cm)

- Use any of the images provided below
(all images are provided in this zip file)

- Use one or two quotes directly from the "Medusa" episode
(view the transcript here)

- Include the credits for:
          1) Robert Patrick, Gillian Anderson, Ken Jenkins, Vyto Ruginis
          2) Written by: Frank Spotnitz
          3) Directed by: Richard Compton
          4) Music by: Mark Snow

Due Date: Thursday, 31 August 2017
Send Submissions to:

* Late submissions are accepted
* You may submit as many responses as you would like
* All submissions will be archived on Semper Fi

You can also tag me on Twitter with your response(s) @doggettscully - please use the hashtags #DoggettxScully #TeamDSR #DSaRtworkChallenge #TheXFiles







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